Awarded Teen Reaches the World via Ham Radio

16-year-old Anna Veal W0ANT has been honored for her work in radio technology 

Describing her passion for the amateur radio hobby, Anna says “It’s learning about different cultures, it’s not just having a conversation over the radio, it’s having an experience.”

Tuning in over her handheld radio, Veal has talked to a man in Germany about the weather and music. She’s talked to a girl in Russia about what school is like in the foreign country.

In the digital age, using a radio to communicate may seem old-fashioned. But for Anna, it is a passion and hobby that has earned her many recognitions, including, most recently, a Radio Club of America Young Achievers Award along with the 2014 ARRL Hiram Percy Maxim Award . 

Veal, a student at STEM School and Academy, was 8 years old when she first received her amateur radio license.

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