Radio Hams Protest Antenna Restrictions

Ham Radio operators are unhappy with the passing of restrictive Ordinance 1423 passed by Payette City Council, Idaho on 21 February 2017 

The ordinance’s included a new code chapter: “Wireless facility, spires, poles, antenna steeples, towers and other such structures” that restricts amateur radio antennas to just 30 feet.

Julie Bunker KV7JB, who holds a master’s degree in civil engineering and is president of the local radio operators group, told city officials the limit would be more appropriately set within the 60 to 80-foot range. 

At the Council meeting on 20 March 2017, City Councilor Ray Wickersham told Bunker “It wasn’t our intention to block what you do. It is more our intention to help what you do” 

Bunker, Jim Johnson W7TYG, and a few of the other operators who were present also stressed a compelling public interest in having amateur radio configurations  in times of emergency. Radio amateurs, Bunker said, have “a well-deserved reputation for providing communications in emergency situations.” She said local amateur radio operations were important, for example, during the flood of 1 January 1997.

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