Are Electric Cars Greater Ham Radio Threat than PLT?

The South African Radio League are suggesting that electric car charging stations could pose a greater threat to amateur radio than Power Line Telecommunication (PLT).

The looming problem was extensively discussed during an IARU EMC committee meeting.  There is currently no consensus amongst various technical bodies such as ETSI, CEPT, CIPR and ITU about the inference limits.

One of the problems the committee identified is that the delegations who attend these meetings are not necessarily people experienced in radio and telecommunications and are more concerned about how fast these electric car batteries can be charged.  This is one of the aspects that will be discussed at the IARU Region 1 meeting with a call to mobilise national societies to start talking with their standard bodies.

The SARL is represented on the TC73 committee of the SABS where EMC and EMI matters are dealt with. The SARL representative, Hans van de Groenendaal, will also raise the issue at Working Group 5 of TC73 due to meet in the next two months.

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