Report VDSL interference NOW

For three years the RSGB EMC Committee has been investigating the problems of interference from VDSL broadband on the HF amateur bands and lobbying for action to reduce the problem.

It has a lot of historical data, but both Ofcom and Openreach contend that 150 reports from 50,000 amateurs are not indicative of a major problem when there are 9.5 million VDSL installations deployed.

RSGB EMC Committee has set up a survey to collect current signal levels at the frequencies of VDSL band transitions, which indicate the presence and strength of interference. It is very simple to do you just tune your receiver (set to AM or SSB 3kHz bandwidth) to each frequency requested note the S meter reading on the survey form. Full instructions are included in the survey.

The EMC Committee plans to present its findings at the RSGB Convention in October and then use them to persuade Openreach to take further action.

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