SOTA Sherpa Award for 2017 - Guru EA2IF

The 2017 SOTA Sherpa Award winner has been announced, Spanish Amateur Radio Operator Jose-Antonio Gurutzarri Jauregi (EA2IF)

Rewarded by the panel, Jauregi has made a particularly substantial effort and contribution in the growth and development of the programme throughout 2017.  

In particular, Jose-Antonio reconconised for his assistance he has provided (and continues to do) in the development of new SOTA associations, especially in Spanish-speaking countries.  With SOTA starting to take a hold in South America, Guru's support is invaluable.

Jauregi prize is a SOTABEAMS WSPRlite unit from the award sponsor.

Guru is a keen experimenter with stealth antennas for his SOTA chasing from a high-rise apartment, and we look forward to him sharing his results.