SSTV on a Baofeng?

Essex Ham member and recently successful amateur radio license Andy M6XFC has been experiencing with transmitting SSTV using a Baofeng Handheld, since experimenting during a skills night.

To get started, he tried a basic test – using his Baofeng and a smartphone propped up against it. It worked, and he was able to decode the test card/identification transmission from the Clacton SSTV repeater.

For something more efficient, he looked at knocking up a lead. He had a useless £2 delivered speaker mic for his Baofeng – which he was hoping would make the perfect donor for a cable between the radio and audio connection of a computer/smartphone. Concerned about the connections and audio levels going into the mic, he asked for some advice in our Email Discussion Group, where he got some excellent advice from Ed G8FAX.

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