New Ham Radio Club Enforces School Values

The new Amateur Radio Station at Moriah Central School in Port Henry, New York, lets students talk with other schools and individuals around the world.

Think of using something like walkie-talkies but on a much bigger possibly worldwide scale. Amateur radio operators share stories, and spread international goodwill wherever they are heard, and help local communities during emergencies.
— Teacher Matthew Prey

Any student or community member who is interested in public service, law enforcement, emergency services, military or science and technology in general, amateur radio might be something they‘d be interested in, said teacher Matthew Pray, the school’s amateur radio coordinator.

The VTech student group is becoming involved with amateur radio, he said, and four members are taking the ham exam, plus student Connor Anderson is doing his senior project on Amateur radio.

“We will soon have our very own radio station, W2MCS, thanks in part to the Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club,” Pray said.“VTech will allow students to learn and experiment, and encourage students to help each other along the way.”

On Monday 16th April 2018 at 11 a.m. in the high school library, the Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club will be coming to Moriah Central School to give the exam necessary to become a licensed Amateur radio operator.

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