Problem Buying Radio Equipment from Liquidated Supplier

A media report in the UK is detailing an unhappy customer, Simon Blight who gives his warning to shoppers to be wary of buying from firms in administration – after being left with a radio antenna he doesn’t want.

He had bought the device from Stoke’s Maplin store only to get it home and find it didn’t work in the way he’d expected.

Simon, a radio enthusiast from Leek, subsequently wrote to the business’ customer service asking if he could return the £19.99 product but was told he would have to take it up with the manufacturer.

I was looking for an aerial for a handset and the one I bought seemed perfect so I ordered it online. But when I got home it didn’t work as I had expected so I asked for a refund only to be told that everything was sold as seen - I am not happy.
— Simon Blight