JOTA JOTI 2018 Registration Open

Registration for this year's JOTA/JOTI event provides your Group access to the International Jamboree page.

You will be able to see at a glance, all the registered stations from around the world, and take part in the largest Scout event to be held each year. This also gives you the opportunity to contact other stations around the world before the event and setup a dedicated time etc to make the contact. Start planning your event now!

Your National JOTA JOTI coordinator can assist you with getting in touch with one of the local Scout Groups. It's not difficult to setup an event at your local Scout Hall. All you need is a couple of Cubs and Scouts and a Scouter or two to organise the weekend. No need to run the entire weekend either; you choose what days to run according to your groups schedule. The busiest times are on the Saturday.

JOTA JOTI 2018 Registration -