Crickets, Frogs and Ham Radio

What do crickets, frogs and grasshoppers have to do with ham radio?

Everything, if you ask the organizers of the School Holiday Electronics Workshops being offered for school kids in July.

Australia's Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club have organized the workshops in Castlemaine to help grow the next generation of engineers and, of course, radio amateurs as well.

In sessions geared to beginners age 7 and older, students will learn the basics of electrical circuitry and get to build a solar-powered grasshopper of their own.

The workshop for students 10 and older will teach the basics of soldering. Those students will get a homebrew cricket or frog.

The club is also planning a third workshop for returning students who already have been through the basics in previous workshops.

For information about fees and schedule, contact the club via email on