Understanding Need to Reduce Electronic Waste

Did you know that 45 million metric tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) were produced across the world in 2016?

That’s equivalent to nine Great Pyramids of Giza or 1.2 million fully loaded 18-wheel, 40-ton trucks lined up from New York to Bangkok and back.

And the amount of e-waste produced each year is growing.

That’s according to The Global E-waste Monitor, an annual report from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), United Nations’ University (UNU), and the International Solid Waste Association that tracks the amounts of e-waste globally.

e-Waste consists of information and communication technology (ICT) devices such as computers, mobile phones, screens, wires and all items of electrical and electronic equipment or its parts that have been discarded without intent to reuse.

If you consider that most people in developed countries now own more than one ICT device — and that replacement cycles for mobile phones and computers, and also for other devices and equipment, are becoming shorter — the scale of the problem is expected to grow year over year.

Full ITU News report - https://news.itu.int/ewaste-growing-challenge/