Public Consultation on Electromagnetic Field Regulations

At the end of 2018 the Brazilian regulator ANATEL launched a public consultation on regulations to establish technical requirements regarding human exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

LABRE participated last week in Public Consultation 47 of ANATEL on "Proposal of Act establishing the technical requirements complementary to the Regulation on the evaluation of the human exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields associated with the operation of radio communication transmitting stations (CEMRF) approved by Resolution No. 700, of September 28, 2018 ".

The ANATEL proposal maintained the criterion of simplified theoretical calculation of the minimum distances of radio amateur antennas for exemption from the compliance report, but modified formulas were presented that practically tripled the distances.

LABRE followed the contribution made in the first consultation of 2016 in favor of maintaining the formulas in Resolution 303 for the specific conditions of exemption of the report for amateurs, emphasizing that they already correspond to conservative criteria, with expressions recognized by the International Telecommunication Union, besides exemplifying how the subject is treated in other countries, considering additionally the use of specialized software. It was also suggested that the minimum distances be in the direction of the maximum irradiation lobe of the antennas, as was also treated in the previous resolution.

Of the 92 contributions submitted electronically, almost half were radio amateurs with criticisms of the distance increases and other topics of Resolution 700.

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