Austrian Group Look to Use LTE in Amateur / Ham Radio Bands

Austria's national society ÖVSV are looking into the possibility of amateur radio use of the mobile communications standard LTE

At the beginning of February, a number of innovative radio amateurs were able to bring a small base station for LTE experiments into the umbrella organization for the first time. It was a LXN-500 of the company. Motorola, which represents in a handy size a complete LTE BTS including application computer. Since LTE does not bring any so-called “native services”, ie does not know a voice service like GSM, but simply realizes a transparent IP connection via radio, it is especially important to use the built-in calculator as well. To install data services.Our youth could try out MCPTT applications right away and make “push to talk” QSOs with our smartphones. Such small local LTE systems are particularly important in crisis situations to give operational organizations communication with smartphones, laptops and tablets again. The BTS has two Ethernet ports for fast Internet and for networking with other LTE-BTS and two antenna sockets for diversity reception. The speed is over 100Mb / sec. and it also supports the standardized LTE band 28A.
— Google Translation of OVSV Post

Inspired by this, Kurt, OE1KBC spontaneously founded a group to realize LTE in amateur radio bands as well. The goal is to use SDR and OpenLTE software to develop fast data transfer from 70cm upwards.