Iceland Gain 1850-1900 MHz Access

The Icelandic national society, IRA, reports authorization has been received to use 1850-1900 kHz in international radio amateur competitions during 2019

The use of the frequency range 1850 - 1900 kHz is for participation in international radio amateur competitions during the calendar year 2019.

The authorization covers the following 10 competitions:

  • CQ World-Wide 160-meter competition - CW

  • ARRL DX Contest - CW

  • CQ World-Wide 160 meter competition

  • ARRL DX Competition - SSB

  • CQ WPX competition

  • CQ WPX Contest - CW

  • IARU HF World Championship

  • CQ World-Wide DX competition

  • CQ World-Wide DX Contest

  • ARRL 160-meter competition - CW

The authorization is granted with full approval of the Maritime Traffic Service, which is authorized to use several frequencies in this frequency range. The same requirements apply to this use as apply to the frequency range 1810-1850 kHz in a regulation, but the increased conditions for the Post and Telecom

Administration are as follows:

  • The authorization is only granted during the period specified by international radio amateurs competitions;

  • G licensees are authorized to use full power, 1kW. N licensees enjoy the same frequency rights, but their power limit is at most 10W.