Disaster Relief Department Appoints Amateur Radio Consultants

Frank Brinkmann, DO1FRK, and Andreas Kleiner, DG4OAE, have been nominated by the Hannover Region as amateur radio consultants in the disaster relief department of the Hannover Region

In the future, both of them will be available to the region's crisis staff for questions on amateur radio and its use in the event of a disaster.

That the emergency radio in amateur radio in the Ministry of Interior of the state of Lower Saxony enjoys a high priority, shows a letter from the beginning of March to the district emergency radio officer Frank Brinkmann, DO1FRK. On behalf of the Minister Pistorius, the Ministry thanks all members of the DARC e.V. for the long-term commitment of the radio amateurs to support disaster situations.

In the future, too, the ministry will be pleased to receive support from radio amateurs, welcomes these expressions and will pass on our desire for better involvement to local authorities and organizations. In the decree of 1981, in which the offer of cooperation of the radio amateurs with civil protection in Lower Saxony is adopted, the Ministry continues to hold.

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