Spectrum Analyser Software

Availability has been announced for v1.0a of the Spectrum Analyser software developed by Steve Andrew specifically for the RSP line of products.


This very-much upgraded version of the original alpha release, includes many new features as well as removing the limitations imposed on the previous version.

New features include multiple traces, a versatile marker system with maths, peak find and display functions, Zero or non-Zero IF options and an upgraded tracking generator system.

Spectrum Analyser Software Currently Support

  • RSP1

  • RSP2/RSP2pro

  • RSP1A

  • RSPduo (single tuner mode)

Download the Spectrum Analyser Software (v1.0a Alpha release) - https://www.sdrplay.com/software/SAndrew_Spectrum_Installer_1.0a.exe

Spectrum Analyser Software User Manual - https://www.sdrplay.com/docs/RSP-SpectrumAnalyser-V1.pdf