Amateur Radio SSTV Art Expo

Until 23rd April 2019, Lucy Helton (KD2MFV) will be the artist in residence at SIM, Reykjavik, Iceland, collaborating with local Amateur Radio Operator Jón Þ Jónsson, TF3JA to transmit images vis SSTV.

The images, appropriated from the Reykjavik Museum of Photography’s collection, are of Icelandic glaciers photographed in a time before we knew climate change existed.

Amateur Radio Operators who receive the images are invited to forward back to Lucy at her website below

The received images will be reworked into an art piece which will become a QSL card.


  • Each single transmission consists of 12 x SSTV images. I will be transmitting 5 different glacier images over 15 days.

  • SSTV calling frequency and daily transmission times are (the frequency will be + / - 5kHz):

  • 20 meters: (USB) 14.230 MHz @ 1pm / 6pm / 11pm GMT

Lucy Helton -